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is a competitive platform for Smite,
providing competitive leagues, cups & ladders.

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Leagues are an open format tournaments that run between two set dates. Teams can join a league at any point in the season and arrange matches in their own time.
Teams will be awarded achievements based upon their position in the league when it comes to a close.

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Cups are traditional bracketed tournaments where sign ups will usually be on a first-come first-served basis.
Brackets will be released prior to the tournament starting and all games will take place in sequence until a winner is crowned.

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Ladders are open format tournaments that run indefinitely. Teams can join a ladder at any time and arrange matches in their own time.
Teams will be awarded achievements by reaching and holding certain positions in the ladder.


Smite.Pro v.0.0.5

06/01/2015 18:53:00
  • First iteration of player details page implemented. Currently displaying only conquest details, other queues to follow.
  • Minor amendments to design of match details page.

Smite.Pro v.0.0.4

06/01/2015 18:52:00
  • Added first iteration of Cups(bracketed tournament).
  • First round of UI changes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue in Chrome when trying to challenge another clan and receiving a date error.
  • Player details page now correctly linking from squad section.

Smite.Pro v.0.0.3

06/01/2015 18:51:00
  • Added ability for clans to leave a league.
  • Added forgotten password functionality.
  • Added a 100kb limit to clan logos.
  • Added email to challenges, email is sent to clan admin notifying them of a challenge.